6 Steps to a Sale - Training Follow-up - New +

What are the 6 Steps to creating a deal?

1. Create Your Deal

From your Menus Page, you can select the green New+ button to create your deal, which will lead you to the Sale Information Page. The Sale Information Page is where you can structure the information about the deal that will help the system know what rates to give you when making your menu. 


2. Layout

The Layout Page is where you can create, organize, and customize your menu. You can build out your menu product by product or create templates for common product combinations.  The templates are a huge time-saving tool for ease in your selling process.


3. Coverages

Once you have built out your menu, it is time to rate and select coverages. You can get rates by using the Get All Rates button. 

Note: Rating is the many computer systems communicating together to know what coverages your deal applies for based on what you entered on the Sale Information Page in step 1. You, as the Business Manager, then select the coverage that is best for your deal.

For detailed instructions on how to select coverages, read the Layout Page article.

If you find yourself picking the same coverages over and over again, ask us about MenuSelect. MenuSelect uses artificial intelligence to help automatically select coverages based on your past choices.


Tip: If you use all of the time-saving tools we have recommended and built for your convenience, steps 1 -3 should only take a few minutes!


4. Presentation

This is your time to shine! You get to use all of your artistic interpersonal skills and industry expertise, but every craftsman needs good tools! Depending upon your preferences and what works best for your customer we have multiple different MenuStyles. You can use these to make a presentation that will leave the customer both impressed and comfortable. 


5. Contract

Contracting is done from the Forms page and is arguably one of the most key steps to this entire process. You are finalizing the agreed-upon details of the deal. Most importantly you are creating legal documents that will protect your dealership and your customer. It is imperative that all details be accurate before contracting. While it is possible to void contracts, it is extremely difficult. 


6. Logging
Logging helps to store deal records for future reference. It is the digital equivalent of putting the deal documents into a file cabinet. 
If your store has Reporting, the data in those records help to create the overall dealership reports that are automatically made by the MenuMetric system.