Layout Page

How do I navigate the Layout page in MenuMetric?

The Layout page is used to design your menu. What products do I want to show? How do I want to arrange them? What MenuStyle works best for my customer? The Layout page is the answer to all of these questions and more. We have made our system to be extremely customizable so that you can make a well-crafted presentation. The Layout page is your workstation. Now get creative!


A menu layout can be set manually or by using templates.  To build a menu manually, simply select which products you want in each column. 

Columns can be added or removed using the checkboxes next to the package names.  Each drop-down in each column will contain the products that are set up in your account.  




The easiest way to layout your menu is to use a Template. This is a great tool to save you time and add ease to the selling process!

  Click here to learn more about creating templates

After you have created templates, they will show in the drop-down at the top left of the screen.  Simply select the template that you want to use and the layout will automatically be set for you.


Additional changes to your MenuStyle and presentation can be made using the Settings button at the top of the page.  These settings can also be set to default when you set up your templates.


MenuMetric has a variety of printed and digital MenuStyles available with multiple settings to adjust the layout and presentation to fit your needs.  We recommend exploring our MenuStyles to find what works best for you and your customer.


Products can be removed from your layout by using the drop-down for the product that you want to be removed and selecting the top (blank) option. 

Clicking the Green Arrow in the first column will push any changes across to all columns.  


Note: MenuMetric allows two payments per column and a total of five rate and term combinations per menu!


At the bottom of each column, there are dropdowns for the payment options: Option 1 and Option 2.  These rates and terms can be set on the Layout page or right below the columns as indicated below.  *** Please note, if editing the terms on this page, you must click Save at the bottom before the option will show in the dropdown. 

If the customer's cash-down or the days to 1st payment have changed since you imported the deal, you may update those in the bottom section labeled Sale Information.  Again, you must click Save at the bottom for the changes to take effect. 


The final step prior to presenting your menu is to set your product coverages and prices.  There are 4 ways to do this in MenuMetric.

1)  Set Product Defaults

You are able to set static product defaults in the system Settings.  Once set, these defaults will be visible each time you start a new menu.  Click here to learn more about setting product defaults. 


2) Manually change product info on the fly

To edit product information within a specific deal, click the blue pencil next to the product name on the Layout page, edit the info as needed, and click Save


3)  Select coverage and rate from available options returned during the rating process (if available for your vendor and product).

 Click here to learn how to Rate All products when importing. You can also rate each product individually by following the instructions below. 

To select from available rates or to rate this product individually, click the Rate button after clicking the blue Pencil button next to the product you want to edit. 

Clicking Rate will open the rater page for that product.  If you rated your products at import or using the Get All Rates button, you can filter your coverages on the left, click "DC" at the top right to view your Dealer Cost, and click the blue "+" icon to select the coverage you want to show your customer on your menu.  If you did not rate the product earlier, you can edit the options on the left and click Get Rates.  This sends a request to your vendor for your rates for this product.  


After selecting the desired coverage, the window will shrink and you'll have an opportunity to edit the retail price before saving the change to the menu. 


4)  Let MenuSelect choose your product options for you!  

If you did not rate all products at import you can do so on the Layout page by clicking "Get All Rates" at the top of the page. MenuSelect is an upgrade we offer that uses artificial intelligence to pick the best coverages for your deal based upon past choices.

 When you have completed the layout and setup of your menu, click the blue Save & Next>> button at the bottom right to go to the Menu page.  The Menu page will vary in appearance depending upon the customizations you have made and what MenuStyle you have selected.

Congratulations you are ready to make your presentation!