MenuSelect Instructions

MenuSelect uses a proprietary A.I. based algorithm to automatically select the right options for every product based on your habits in MenuMetric.

After activating MenuSelect:

The next time you rate your products, MenuSelect will work automatically! 

MenuSelect will compare the imported rates for that deal to your history for each product and automatically select what you are most likely to choose for this customer.

If you would prefer to have MenuSelect select a specific option for every deal, you can set that option as the default in product settings. 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Products on the left of the Settings page.
  •  Double click on the Product that you would like to set a default for.
  • In the Product pop-up, enter the Coverage, Term, Miles, and Deductible that you would like MenuSelect to choose for you automatically.  Be sure to enter the Coverage name exactly as you see it in the rates returned from your provider. (See image below.)
  • After you have entered all of the necessary info select the blue Save & Close button. 
    Once this is set, MenuSelect will look for this specific option in the rates.  If it finds it, it will select it.  If this option doesn’t return with the rates, MenuSelect will use the logic explained in step 1 to select the option you are most likely to sell.

Finally, some products will allow you to customize the selection on the fly so you have control over what is selected based on a customer’s specific needs. 

For example: if you are an Auto dealer, you can enter the customer’s preferred VSC Term and Mileage before clicking Next on the Rate All screen. MenuSelect will look for those options in the rates and select the appropriate one, if available.