Your artificial intelligence is now active!

MenuSelect is an optional upgrade to MenuMetric that will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to build a Menu. 


MenuSelect uses a proprietary A.I. based algorithm to automatically select the right options for every product based on your habits in MenuMetric.  The system learns from what you do and changes over time to help automate your selections and speed up the menu building process.


If you would prefer to have MenuSelect select a specific option for you on every deal, you can set that option as the default in product settings.  Once this is set, MenuSelect will look for this specific option in the rates.  If it finds it, it will select it.  If this option doesn't' return with the rates, MenuSelect will use its algorithm to choose for you. 


Some products will allow you to customize the selection on the fly so you have control over what is selected based on a customer's specific needs.  For example, if you are an Auto dealer, you can enter the customer's preferred VSC Term and Mileage before clicking "Get Rates" and MenuSelect will look for those options in the rates and select the appropriate one, if available. 

To learn more about how to use MenuSelect read our article "MenuSelect Instructions".

 If you do not have MenuSelect activated for your account, please call MenuMetric support at 

(516) 778-6368 ext 3.