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  2. Importing Deals

Importing a deal from your DMS

How do I import a deal into MenuMetric from my DMS?

To import a new deal, click the "+ New Sale" button on the dashboard or from the Menus tab.


A small pop-up window will open.  Click "Import" to import from your DMS.


A new tab will open and you can then enter the Deal Number or Stock Number from your DMS as instructed.  Click "Rate All Products" if you would like to send a request for rates to all of your vendors as soon as the deal has been imported.  If you do not check this box, you can still rate each product individually or rate all from the Layout page.  Select the blue "Import" button once you have finished entering your information.


If you do not Rate All Products at this point, you will be taken directly to the Sale Information page and can begin building your menu.

If you chose to Rate All Products now, the system will stop you at the "Pre-rate" page where you can edit information needed for rating prior to proceeding.  To learn more about this, please view the article titled Rate All at Import.  

After rating, you will be taken to the Sale Information page.