TeamOne menu instructions

Learn how to create a TeamOne menu in MenuMetric

Watch the video below to learn how to create a TeamOne menu.


Tips for creating a TeamOne menu.

  • Create a template to make the process much faster:  Menu Templates
  • Name the columns appropriately (Preferred, Standard, Budget, Equity 1, Equity 2).  This doesn't affect the package names on the TeamOne menu, but makes it easier to remember which columns on the layout page affect each package.
  • Columns 1 & 2 should be your shorter term.  Set columns 4 & 5 (Equity 1 and Equity 2) to match.
  • Add additional rates/terms on the Sale Information page or below the columns on the Layout Page.  Be sure to click "Save" after adding options so the system saves them and makes them available in the drop downs at the bottom of each column.