Rating RV Products

This article covers some unique requirements for rating RV products.

Rating RV is a bit different than auto products due to RV VINs not being decodable in most cases.

Some product vendors use vehicle type (travel trailer, motorhome, etc) and unit price to rate, and others require the appropriate Make and Model.  

To solve for this, if your product vendor requires that you enter the appropriate Make and Model, MenuMetric will display a binocular button on the rating page.  If you see this button, you MUST click it.  

When you click the binoculars, a pop-up window will open where you can select from a list of Makes and Models that have been provided by your vendor.  Once you select the appropriate options, click Apply.  

If you do not follow this process, you will get an error similar to this: 

If you get this error, simply close the Rate All window, click "Get All Rates" again and go through the process using the binoculars to select the correct Make and Model.