AGWS RV Products

Rating and contracting AGWS RV products

Rating AGWS RV products requires one extra step over some other vendors. 

AGWS does NOT rate based off of the VIN of the unit.  Instead, they use the sale price, year, and make/manufacturer.  

The most important part to remember is that the Make/Manufacturer MUST be spelled EXACTLY the same in MenuMetric as it is in the AGWS system.  To solve for this, we've added a binoculars on the rater pages to allow you to look up the appropriate Make from AGWS's list.  (AGWS controls this list, not MenuMetric.  If you need to have a make added, please contact MenuMetric support and we will send the request to AGWS).  

Click the binoculars, and then use the drop down list to choose the appropriate make.  ***MenuMetric will attempt to find a match for you, but you can use the drop down at any point to find the appropriate option.