Settings: Presentations

Digital presentations (Videos, pictures, or PDFs) can be viewed on the left hand side of the Menu page when doing a printed menu, or using the Learn More or Discover buttons when using MyMenu or MenuMobile.

Presentations can be set for each individual product in Settings > Products.  

Select the product that you want to add a presentation to by double-clicking on it or by clicking on the pencil icon to the right.


Find the presentations section near the bottom of the page, and click "New" to begin adding a new presentation.

You can choose the presentation Type that you would like, and then select the Presentation from the list.  Once selected, a preview will show.  You can then type in the name that you would like your customers to see for the presentation and then Save.

If you would like to add your own CUSTOM presentation, simply click the "+" icon instead of selecting from the list.  You can then select the type of presentation you want to add, give it a name, and use the Upload button or enter the URL location if you want to link to a YouTube video.  MenuMetric also HIGHLY recommends that you add a Thumbnail image of your presentation as that is what will display for the preview in MyMenu and MenuMobile.